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Letter: Parents need to take control of their kids

Parents need to take control of their kids

We went out to our car today and found the driver’s side mirror had been ripped off. I called Hamburg Police and a detective came out and checked for fingerprints. I was told that 30 to 50 cars had been vandalized. This is at least the second time this has happened in the last couple months. Being a retired police officer, I know the vandals will eventually be apprehended. When caught, they can explain to their parents why thousands of dollars in damages will have to be paid along with whatever punishment they receive.

If this is their idea of fun, then they are sad individuals. I wonder where their parents are while they are out creating havoc. Parents are responsible for their little darlings’ handiwork and should know where they are at all times. I am out over $400, but these vandals will be out much more when caught! This activity is a disgrace and parents should put an immediate stop to same before it gets worse. It may be a long summer.

Allen F. Scioli