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Letter: Attacks on Weimer were unwarranted

Attacks on Weimer were unwarranted

As I watched the movie “Selma” recently, I thought of my friend Jim Weimer and saw a parallel, which is, if you’re willing to stick your neck out and try to do the right thing in this world, you had better be ready for the coming storm of abuse.

Jim has a great life, a great family and is a highly successful principal. He did not need to step forward to take on the incredibly complex, thankless job of superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools. He considered the job because he is a true “Buffalo guy” and a dedicated educator who deeply cares about the well-being and future of the children. I believe he would have had great success.

Please remember that the last two superintendents hired through a nationwide search did not even move their families to the area after taking the position. So much for their community commitment.

I see a humble man with obvious educational leadership talent and passion. Regardless of your viewpoint, Jim Weimer deserves to be respected and acknowledged for being the educational and community leader he is.

Bruce Kennedy

Orchard Park