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Approving sparklers was right thing to do

The Niagara County Legislature’s decision to approve the sale of fireworks is the right move for families and the people of this community. Residents can now engage in the safe tradition of using sparklers to celebrate holidays and important events. Their decision will result in considerable benefits for everyone in Niagara County, most importantly when it comes to safety.

Lawmakers saw through the exaggerated claims of some of our opponents and recognized that this legislation makes Niagara County safer. It eliminates the motivation for people to simply drive across the border to Canada and acquire dangerous explosives that put our children at considerable risk. Our residents will now use the hand-held and ground-based products we know to be safe rather than seek illegal fireworks or build dangerous improvised devices.

Our local businesses stand to benefit too. We estimate this bill will create roughly $750,000 in economic impact for Niagara County. From the stores who will sell sparklers to the tax revenue the county collects, this is a win for everyone. That tax revenue will enhance our fire safety programs.

The Niagara County Legislature took strong, responsible action to ensure that families in Niagara County can join the 20 other counties across the state where sparklers are already approved. The residents of these communities are now a part of the more than 95 percent of Americans who are allowed to responsibly celebrate with sparklers, a time-honored American tradition. We applaud Niagara County’s elected leaders for their hard work and smart choice.

Melissa Goduti

Regional director

TNT Fireworks