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Letter: Abortion is far greater evil than eating meat

Abortion is far greater evil than eating meat

I usually receive good food for thought from Charles Krauthammer’s columns, but his piece about “unconscionable conduct” made my jaw drop. He rightly wonders how people of the past, including our country’s founders, could have abided human slavery. Then he wonders what current conduct might be “deemed equally abominable” by future generations.

I was expecting “abortion on demand,” but Krauthammer offered instead, “meat-eating.” When my jaw returned to its normal position, I then read his telling confession: “I firmly believe that man is the measure of all things.” If man is the ultimate arbiter of good and evil, man can develop rules of conduct that suit him, rather than humbly acknowledge universal truths. How convenient! Yet, even on that basis, finding “meat-eating” a greater evil than killing babies in the womb is a staggering judgment.

Deacon Richard W. Parker