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Letter: It’s wonderful to see nice guys still exist

It’s wonderful to see nice guys still exist

Two friends and I stopped for a bite to eat on May 9 at a local restaurant. Much to our surprise, there was live entertainment that evening – Terry Buchwald, Western New York’s own Elvis impersonator. We had never seen him perform in person.

His crew quickly set up a small stage area in the corner, then it was lights, camera, action. Buchwald appeared, hopped on stage and there was Elvis. Now, I am not writing this as a review of his impersonation. I am writing this to say what a genuinely nice guy he is. He asked for requests, and a young sister and brother requested “Teddy Bear.” He sang the song and gave each one a stuffed teddy bear to keep. They held and danced with their bears the rest of the evening.

Also in attendance was a young woman with her parents. She was disabled and seated in a wheelchair. At one point her mom wheeled her onto the dance floor and was moving her chair with the rhythm of the music. Buchwald stepped down from the stage, took her hand and was dancing with her. How many people do that? Not many. It was sweet and a genuinely nice thing to do.

I have a friend who thinks I use the word “nice” too often, but admits that he has this John Templeton quote on his classroom door: “It is nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Luci Buell