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Letter: Euthanizing feral cats can’t be called ‘humane’

Euthanizing feral cats can’t be called ‘humane’

I would like to respond to the letter, “TNVR programs are not a humane option,” by a veterinarian who is vice president of the New York State Humane Association. As a person who is also in the veterinary field for the last 30 years, and working in the “trenches” as some would say, I have read with interest the many letters on TNVR programs.

The definition of humane is: “having or showing compassion or benevolence,” with the synonyms being “compassionate, understanding, sympathetic and tolerant.” Euthanizing feral or unsocial cats because they are that way is not humane, it is cruel. They did not decide to be feral; humans did that by letting them continue to procreate at alarming rates. Euthanizing will not take care of the problem and, as one who has done that in the past, I will not euthanize an animal unless it is beyond medical help or a danger to society. These animals are not.

We need to be understanding to the plight of these animals. Society put them there. We need to be compassionate and understanding so they can live out their lives in peace – the definition of humane!

The writer states that abandoning these cats violates the anti-cruelty laws. I do not see this as abandoning. The TNVR program is giving them a chance at life instead of being a number in a mercy killing, which she states is more merciful and kinder to do. The ones who abandoned these animals are the humans who left them unaltered and to fend for themselves. They were the ones who violated the laws in New York State.

Debby Frazier Williams