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May 12, 1995: 'Buffalo is not ready for a homosexual to have children'

Twenty years ago this week, it was thought to have been the first such case in the country: A woman was fighting a legal battle for the custody of her slain lesbian companion’s children.

As the judge urged the woman and the children’s grandmother to find a solution among themselves, the woman seeking custody was found guilty of endangerment in the case of the daughter of another companion.

"Compromise calms custody fight"

"The case, with a homosexual partner asking for custody of her deceased partner's children, is believed to be the first of its kind in this country.

"Losing her bid for custody and eventual adoption of the boys was bitter for Ms. Hennessy.

" 'I was forced into this arrangement,' Ms. Hennessy said, 'but I cannot let my boys suffer any longer. Buffalo is not ready for a homosexual to have children as this agreement clearly shows.' "

11 may 1995 custody fight

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