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City Hallways: May 12

People love nice streets, so stands to reason politicians like to announce when  roadways are getting fixed up.

Mayor Brown and Congressman Higgins are going to be at the corner of Kenmore and North Parker this morning to announce  the official start to  the final  phase of the Kenmore Ave.  redevelopment  project.

The construction will go from Main Street to the railroad tracks near Fairfield.

. . .

Council meets this afternoon so  lots – or a little – can happen.

The agenda has everything  from  the appointment of new firefighters  (a group that includes the fire commissioner’s son)  to approvals for sidewalk cafes (including a second- story outdoor café at the new Mac’s on Hertel, that is replacing the Empire Grill.)

. . .

Here’s something I just learned from a  resolution filed by South District Councilman Chris Scanlon.

Buffalo, according to Scanlon's resolution, has about 23 female firefighters but only six of 20 firehouses have separate showers and locker rooms for women.

So what's a woman do to?

For now,  women assigned to one of the 14 “unequipped” firehouses are often provided  "makeshift" facilities, Scanlon said.
Scanlon wants the Fire Department to come up with an immediate plan to fix the problem.

. . .

I also should mention there's a meeting in the Fruit Belt tonight regarding fears that the community -- located right next to  the medical  campus  -- will be gentrified out of existence one day.

It's not exactly a City Hall meeting, but  is a big issue, and one I'm very interested in, so will keep tabs on it. Former Council President George Arthur  and Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant will be speaking.

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