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Front page May 11, 1915: 'Elbert Hubbard stood on the deck as Lusitania sank'

An account of the sinking of the Lusitania was carried on the front age 100 years ago today. A small box with the story told of Elbert Hubbard's last moments.

"Says Elbert Hubbard stood on the deck as Lusitania sank"

"The body of W.H. Brown of [illegible] West Delavan avenue, Buffalo, which was identified by Fred J. Perry, of London, who recognized it just in time to save it from a public burial, was embalmed today and will be sent home. Mr. Perry, whose brother was lost, was one of the last to see Elbert Hubbard alive.

" 'Hubbard, with Mrs. Hubbard and several other first-class passengers were standing under the bridge huddled together like sheep at the last,' said Perry. 'They were perfectly cool and collected and made no attempt [illegible] for boats. They believed the statement of the Lusitania's officers, who had megaphoned to them that the boat would float and there was no danger.' "

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