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Attack targeting interracial couple shows us that racism is still alive

As if someone was trying to affirm the results of a slightly sketchy study that concluded Buffalo was among the country’s most racist places, some piggish person last week heaved a stone wrapped in a vile note through the window of an interracial couple in Kaisertown. Racism lives and stupidity reigns.

Perhaps it’s that some people never grow up. Or maybe they are beholden to their own fears of worthlessness. The world teems with people looking for groups to harass – blacks, Jews, gays, Muslims … it doesn’t really matter, just someone to confer on the persecutor an unwarranted sense of superiority.

But the world, over the course of its history, has also paid a terrible price for this kind of execrable behavior. Loonies attract other loonies and pigs like to roll in the mud. It is important for law enforcement – including the FBI, if this qualifies as a hate crime – to investigate this as seriously as any other assault.

No one in the house was injured by the attack, but that is due only to luck, not the careful aim of the racist-loony-pig who threw the rock.

It’s not new that some people object to interracial marriages. Indeed, it’s old and becoming older by the minute. Fifty years ago, such unions were rare and likely to attract attention, if not trouble. In fact, they were illegal in Virginia until the law was overturned in 1967. Today, they are commonplace and most people see them for what they are: nothing remarkable. Plainly, though, some people have been left behind.

Perhaps the rock-thrower is among the Google-searchers that a recent study used to label different areas of the country as more or less racist than others. According to the study, the number of certain red-flag searches exposes the level of racism in any given area. Western New York fared poorly in that examination.

It’s hard to know how informative a study like that can be. It’s at least interesting around the watercooler, though, and for anyone who wanted to make the case of its accuracy, the idiot-racist-rock-throwing-loony-pig could be Exhibit A.

Regardless, it’s important for communities and neighborhoods to stand up to this kind of depravity. If the people next door are friendly or even if they just keep to themselves, that counts as a win. Their religion, color, sexual orientation or other innate characteristics are of no relevance to their right to live in peace.

The woman who owns the home is now thinking of selling it and moving somewhere else. It’s a shame, but who wouldn’t at least consider such a thing in the face of cowardly attacks that could have dire consequences?

It would be much better, though, if the depraved-racist-loony-pig who threw the rock is identified and forced to move out, perhaps into the Erie County Correctional Facility.