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Letter: Put cameras in classrooms to help evaluate teachers

Put cameras in classrooms to help evaluate teachers

Here is a different approach to teacher evaluations and not using student test scores. Cameras should be in every classroom with the date and teacher’s name on the video. A group of seasoned teaching state evaluators, not the friendly principal, could pull the stored video from a central location. From the video, they could watch classroom behavior and the teacher’s teaching method. Teachers would be given a pass/fail grade. If failed by more than one evaluator, the teacher would be given help to improve. After another couple of failures, the teacher would be let go. We are just asking for a good attempt at teaching. If the attempt is there, test scores should not matter.

Cameras are in homes, businesses, streets and soon on every police officer. Classrooms should be next. Good teachers will have no problem with this method, and all the rest will sharpen their game.

Ron Bernys