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Letter: Many in community support Dobosiewicz

Many in community support Dobosiewicz

My dear friend, Eddy Dobosiewicz, has devoted his life to Polish culture and promoting Buffalo. Why does Alan Pergament think Eddy is unredeemable? I am very upset and strongly disagree.

I’ve worked together with him for years organizing the annual Dyngus Day celebration and many community activities. I have learned true dedication from Eddy, not just to our Polish heritage but to our community.

I cried reading Pergament’s condemnation of Eddy; he’s no racist. He’s a professional comedian, trained to push boundaries sometimes, but racist? Absolutely not. There are many upset by what is happening in our country. When someone we love and care about is affected, it’s only natural to react, sometimes without thinking first.

Friday afternoon Eddy posted a sincere apology online that was genuine and heartfelt. Did Pergament miss it or choose not to acknowledge it? His failure to refer to the apology is disturbing. People use social media as an outlet on many levels, including their feelings, as Eddy did. He did not intend to harm or offend anyone.

Eddy has accepted responsibility for his actions. Most of us have written or said something that didn’t come out right. To err is human! I hope the television executives who suspended him disagree with Pergament’s idea that Eddy should never be on TV again. He has the support of many, including the Buffalo Polish community.

Wendy Higgins


Polish Cadets of Buffalo