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Letter: Dobosiewicz made mistake, deserves a second chance

Dobosiewicz made mistake, deserves a second chance

In a recent column, Alan Pergament gave the impression that “Airborne” Eddy Dobosiewicz should never appear on local media again. I disagree.

Eddy did a dumb thing. He posted a racist tweet. It was done in anger when he was told a fellow comedian in Baltimore was seriously injured during the rioting. The backlash was immediate. He deleted his posting, but not quickly enough, and his apology was not clear enough. On May 1, Eddy made an unequivocal and absolute apology.

It is unfortunate that his full apology and remorse were not quoted in Pergament’s column. In checking Facebook in the days after the incident, fully 97 percent encouraged Eddy to continue the fine work he has done in the Buffalo community. Almost all pointed out that he did something hurtful, but was not a bad person. Good people sometimes make bad decisions. He is a good person.

After a period of time, he should be welcomed back and allowed to do what he does best – inform and entertain.

Dan Neaverth Sr.

Orchard Park