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Letter: Why doesn’t world react when Christians are slain?

Why doesn’t world react when Christians are slain?

Before April 28 I had never been brought to tears by an editorial cartoon. Lisa Benson, a member of the Washington Post Writers Group, addressed a reality that no one is talking about. In her cartoon, we see six people holding signs saying, “save the planet,” “save the whales,” “save the owls,” “save the trees,” “save the polar bears” and “save the smelt.” In the background is a man lying down with a river of liquid coming from his body. His imagined sign says, “save the Christians.”

The massacre of Christians became most notable 100 years ago with the murder of 1 million Armenians. Today terrorist groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Shabab and others routinely single out and murder Christians for being Christians. Countries such as North Korea, Somalia, Iraq and Saudi Arabia routinely persecute Christians.

Why does the world yawn while Christians are being murdered?

David H. Grzybowski