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Letter: TNVR programs do more harm than good

TNVR programs do more harm than good

I am writing in light of the recent letters favoring TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return) for feral cats. It’s evident that the testimonies by professional people who have credentials on the topic of TNVR explicitly pointed out the health hazards, public nuisance, dangers to wildlife and the ineffectiveness of the TNVR program. We all know that it’s wrong to feed any wild animal, right? One would think it’s a no-brainer and common sense that it’s wrong to allow feral cats to roam free, and allow cat trappers to use TNVR as a loophole to feed wild cats.

One might understand how some cat lovers can be blinded by the truth, thinking they’re doing the right thing. If you want to feed a cat, adopt one and keep it in your house and feed it.

Here’s the irony that is so baffling! There are educated law professors and cat organizations that still continue to promote a program that does more harm than good, for the cats and the community. They deny the truth, and believe a lie. This is a head-on collision just waiting to happen.

Dee Heinold Kapanek