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Letter: Buffalo’s streets are in horrible condition

Buffalo’s streets are in horrible condition

I would like to comment on the streets in Buffalo: They are horrible. For example, take Main Street between Bailey and Hertel Avenues. It’s so rough and potted it’s a wonder anyone can drive over it. How about on Franklin next to Police Headquarters? Then there’s Main Street between Virginia and North Streets. I could mention many more, but anyone taking these roads know what I’m talking about.

What a shame that visitors have to see and ride over these roads. What does this say about our city? I dare the mayor or any of his cronies to travel these roads and say all is well. Well, it isn’t.

We need to start to change what is wrong by electing people who care about our city. These roads are a disgrace to Buffalo’s image. With all that is going on that is positive in the city, we need decent roads that we can travel on to all of these wonderful places and improve that image.

Joseph A. Dudek