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Early police chase through Black Rock was stranger than a movie scene

It may not rival the chase scenes in “Bullitt,” “French Connection” or “Fast and Furious,” but Saturday morning’s police chase in Black Rock had its own strange twist.

Shortly after midnight, a motorist driving recklessly with no lights on passed a Buffalo police car on Hinman Avenue and, despite the flashing lights and siren that soon followed, refused to stop, according to a police report.

But that was just the beginning.

The driver suddenly turned onto Ruhl Avenue, police said, and proceeded to lead the officer on a pursuit down at least eight different streets, onto sidewalks and through a 7-11 parking lot.

It ended when the vehicle ran into a concrete block near Niagara Street.

The twist?

The driver was on an ATV.

Even worse, perhaps, the man behind the wheel, Thomas Grogan, 35, of Kenmore Avenue, had a passenger aboard, and neither was wearing helmets, police say.

Grogan was arrested and faces a charge of reckless endangerment.

Police say the chase began on Hinman but moved to Ruhl, then went southbound on Clayton Street, the wrong way on Race Street, southbound on Norris Street and then westbound on Hertel Avenue.

From there, Grogan continued on Hertel, going through several red lights, driving onto sidewalks before turning westbound on Farmer and then northbound on Niagara, says the report.

Police say he then cut through a 7-11 parking lot before striking both a concrete block and a Buffalo police car.

No one was injured.