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Letter: Republican policies will hurt middle class

Republican policies will hurt middle class

The fact that the governor of Wisconsin, union-busting Scott Walker, is the leading contender for the Republican nomination for the White House offers us a useful preview of what they intend to do were they to win the presidency. Ironically enough, some of the more vociferous opponents of organized labor have reached middle-class status by having parents who benefitted from having a voice through union negotiations – a voice that allowed them a living wage and benefits that would have been unavailable and unthinkable without collective bargaining.

Republicans love to negatively frame the issue by using the terms “union bosses” to characterize the union movement. The truth is the workers benefit from having a voice at the bargaining table. Again, Republicans are very good at coming up with positive names for efforts that benefit corporations at the expense of the workers. Point in fact: right-to-work laws, which really mean that individuals can benefit from unions without paying dues. The parallel is my being able to use a gym for free as long as my next-door neighbor pays the dues.

Andre Toth