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Letter: African-Americans have good reason to fear police

African-Americans have good reason to fear police

A May 2 letter shows that some people just do not get it. “If you don’t want to be beaten, shot or killed by the police, then stop resisting arrest!” In Freddie Gray’s case, he was allegedly arrested with no probable cause. Often African-Americans are stopped by police for very suspect reasons. I have spoken with African-Americans, some very affluent, and all have been stopped or questioned by police for dubious reasons. I am in my late 60s and have never been stopped or questioned by police unless it was called for. I am white.

African-American parents are aware of police racially profiling their children, and are fearful when their children leave home. Do white parents have this fear of police when their children leave home for an evening out?

So why do African-Americans seem to resist arrest? Cellphone videos and social media show you why. In the past, police reports were falsified to protect the police officers, especially when the suspect was injured or falsely arrested. It is easy to simply say “do not resist arrest,” but we are not harassed as they are. African-Americans do not trust the police for good reason, and they question their arrest, and I understand why.

Don Dehoff