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National Geographic Bee quiz

These questions are used in school, state and national levels of the National Geographic Bee and reflect the range of difficulty and subject matter that can be expected in new questions.

1. The Mojave National Preserve is located in a desert region in which state—California or Mississippi?

2. Which state includes Rocky Mountain National Park – Kansas or Colorado?

3. Which state, known as the Lone Star State, has a single star on its flag and was once an independent republic – Texas or Virginia?

4. Which state produces more automobiles – Vermont or Michigan?

5. Which state is larger in area – West Virginia or Florida?

6. Which continent includes the Jutland and Iberian Peninsulas?

7. Brisbane and Perth are port cities on which continent?

8. Which is the term for the treeless biome in high latitudes that has permafrost – tundra or isotherm?

9. To visit writer Ernest Hemingway’s home near Havana and to hike to the top of El Yunque, you would travel to what country?

10. The Sea of Azov borders Ukraine and what other country?

11. Sikkim, a region between Nepal and Bhutan, is part of what country?

12. Greenwich Park overlooks the River Thames in which capital city?

13. Which country has a population with a longer life expectancy – Spain or Laos?

14. Which country does not have a predominantly Christian population—Spain, Tunisia, or Norway?

15. People in the most populous Scandinavian country celebrate a festival of light called St. Lucia Day to mark the start of the Christmas season. Name this country.

16. In 1971, the British government ended its protectorate in the Trucial States. These states form what presentday country on the Persian Gulf?

17. Which capital city, located about 20 miles from the Adriatic Sea, is a major industrial center for Albania?

18. Iqaluit, which means “place of fish,” is the biggest community on the largest island in the Arctic Archipelago. Name this island.

19. Pashto and Dari are major languages in a landlocked Asian country that borders Pakistan. Name this country.

20. In January 2013, a terrorist group destroyed mosques and libraries containing historic manuscripts in an attack on the city of Timbuktu in what African country?

21. Hiva Oa, one of the main islands in the Marquesas Islands, belongs to what European country?

22. Cenotes, or sinkholes such as those found on the Yucatán Peninsula, are associated with which rock – basalt or limestone?

23. Caribbean Hindustani, a dialect of Hindi, is commonly spoken in an island country off the coast of Venezuela. Name this country.

24. What country is bordered by Thailand and Cambodia?

25. Because Earth bulges at the Equator, the point that is farthest from Earth’s center is the summit of a peak in Ecuador. Name this peak.