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Letter: Old Route 219 bridge is a waste of money

Old Route 219 bridge is a waste of money

I was disappointed to see the editorial board’s support for the Old Route 219 bridge. This $20 million project is nothing more than a convenience for a few people. To call it a vital link to major businesses is an exaggeration.

For Erie County residents, the bridge provides effectively no benefit in terms of supporting the Springville area businesses. The only potential benefit would be for a few people living on the south side of the village who are traveling farther south toward Ellicottville. Obviously no benefit to Springville.

For Cattaraugus County residents, the bridge may save about a mile in travel distance for those going to Walmart and some of the other businesses in that area. It would have no impact on those going to the downtown business district. The only significant travel distance saved would be for Cattaraugus County residents going to the Springville Country Club. Is that really worth $20 million plus ongoing expenses for state taxpayers. No it is not. Those funds should be used for other, truly worthwhile projects.

Rod Rogers