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Letter: Don’t punish students by voting down budget

Don’t punish students by voting down budget

Everyone is busy but people should take the time to vote on their school district’s budget. We have two kids, a niece and a nephew in the Lancaster School District and we feel fortunate. Fortunate because when we talk to people in other districts, their schools have cut back on funds for programs, supplies and staffing. Lancaster schools have so many positive things to promote.

Lately, we’ve heard conversations about how the budget should be voted down because of the mascot debate. Why punish the students? As a community, everyone wants the school district to continue growing. It helps real estate value, encourages employability and promotes self-sufficiency. One of our sons is involved with the rifle team, receives academic support and was just accepted into the Health Care Academy at the high school. The other is in Minecraft Club, band and played intramural basketball at William Street School.

This message is for 18 year-old students, past high school graduates, grandparents, parents, retirees, team players, art lovers, individuals with disabilities, service members, absentee voters and all other Lancaster residents who think the budget will pass and they don’t need to vote – please do, and when you do, vote “yes.” The budget vote is on May 19 at Lancaster High School.

Mark & Kim Mendola