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May 5, 1940: Owner of Freddies Doughnuts patents his way into doughnut history

The name Freddies Doughnuts conjures mouthwatering memories for generations of Buffalonians, many of whom will tell you they’ve never tasted a better doughnut than the ones they ate at the corner of Main and Michigan in Buffalo.

That doughnut shop is long gone, but the name Frederick Maier — Freddie himself — lives on in hundreds of doughnut shops around the world.

Maier was awarded a patent 75 years ago this week for a doughnut machine, which he later licensed to Krispy Kreme. In every Krispy Kreme shop, there’s a label on the back of the machine that produces the doughnuts, and on that label is Frederick Maier’s name.

"Future doughnut dunkers to get streamlined product"

"Dunkers who dip either with their little fingers extended or in the more orthodox manner will be glad to know that a more efficiently made doughnut will be possible in the future as the result of the inventive mind of Frederick Maier of Buffalo. Mr. Maier has just received a patent on a doughnut machine from the United States Patent Office."


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