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Letter: Some people just crave being in the limelight

Some people just crave being in the limelight

So Bruce Jenner, this country’s 1976 Olympic Decathlon champion, is going abroad. I know we live in a politically correct world and must respect the LGBT minority, but there’s a much larger issue to consider here.

He had it all. With Olympic Gold, Jenner had claim as “best athlete in the world.” He had all-American good looks. He was in the viewfinder and enjoyed fame. He was a chiseled champ, although our standards changed over the years when he was surpassed by pro football linebackers, home run champs and East German women swimmers.

Then something happened. He couldn’t turn it off. Like the taste of something really good, he wanted more. He signed on for a movie, “Can’t Stop the Music,” with Valerie Perrine and the Village People. He fell out of the public eye for a generation, then resurfaced with the Kardashians. To wrest the spotlight from this phalanx of fighting egos and have it shine to the side, came a shocking revelation: Bruce wanted to be a woman.

Point being, participants in reality TV shows deserve scrutiny for something deeper than their weekly installment of drama, and that tends more toward their need to live life unusually.

Anything these people say or do has to be met with a certain level of skepticism. The media machine is in full gear. But really, pull the control arm off the record. Put a deep scratch in the vinyl. Please stop the music.

Jack Hess