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Letter: Forget about board harmony; we need educational progress

Forget about board harmony; we need educational progress

Urging current members to go on retreat in an effort to achieve School Board harmony, Common Council President and former board member Darius Pridgen (1999-2003) in fact retreated from his board duties by resigning in frustration. Whether or not the School Board of Pridgen’s day was harmonious, we do know that it was not successful in reversing the steady decline in scholastic achievement that has culminated in the public “throwing the bums out” and electing a reform-minded majority.

The holdover minority board member faction represents the past and the failures of the past. The citizens of Buffalo have been patient and generous over the last several decades, but their patience has run out and while still generous with financial support, Buffalonians in this past election are demanding results; chief among them a good education for their children.

If discord on the School Board be the price of educational progress then harmony be damned.

John Joyce