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Letter: Refusing to take exams hurts children in long run

Refusing to take exams hurts children in long run

I feel really sorry for the kids who did not participate in the fourth-grade and eighth-grade standardized tests. They are victims of the adults’ political fight. In old days, students overcame all physical and emotional obstacles to participate in exams because of the important values of these tests for individual development. The only good news is that, based on a recent News report, parents of private schools still seem to value tests.

Throughout life, we all will face many standardized tests and nonstandardized tests. As usual, practice makes it easier. Now these kids will have to face the necessary SAT, ACT and AP exams with less experience.

Throughout life, we will all have success as well as defeats and failures. Eventually, we all need to learn to move forward after the party or the tears. By shielding the children from potential minor failures in the standardized tests, the adults also deprived their kids of the opportunity to enjoy the success of their hard work or to improve the trajectory of their lives.

Shiu-Ming Kuo