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Letter: Free-roaming cats are killing wildlife

Free-roaming cats are killing wildlife

Seemingly lost in the recent discussion of how to handle the feral cat problem in many of our neighborhoods is the quality of life of many of us. We were persuaded to buy into our areas by their lovely outdoor environments, not only the flora but the fauna of squirrels, songbirds and other rambling creatures.

We had four bird feeders hung outside and books to identify the various species. Now the squirrels are gone and all my feeders given away. Our back area, once thriving, is a danger zone where numerous cats roam and search for something to overwhelm. I have no interest in spying on neighbors who let out their cats. They feed them outside, summer and winter, ignorant of the fact that despite the patio cat food, instinct is to kill and predate.

A month ago, I had to euthanize my nearly 14-year-old dog. It was peaceful and humane. Few could know how much we loved him. For the sake of homeowners and the love of our environment, feral cats should also be dealt with humanely by euthanizing them.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst