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Letter: Female president would be great; just not Clinton

Female president would be great; just not Clinton

Let me stipulate right up front: I would love to see a woman become the next president. Just not Hillary Clinton. Her philosophy of constantly moving right to the edge of legality on issues and decisions, regardless of appearance, has many of us questioning her integrity. When I watch her being interviewed, it seems that she can’t even keep normal eye contact with members of the media.

There is no need to review all the events that have taken place dating all the way back to “travelgate.” It’s all a matter of public record and constantly in the news. Lately she is espousing the current talking point of income inequality. I can’t even listen to her anymore knowing that the Clintons are members of the 1 percent.

I have worked for terrific female executives in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds and am confident that there are perfectly qualified women out there who would be superb chief executives. So let’s hope that another qualified female emerges, regardless of party, to give us all a better choice. And let us all remember that we should be voting for the most qualified candidate and not the party.

Lou Speranza