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Letter: Common Core is being shoved down our throats

Common Core is being shoved down our throats

I can’t keep silent any longer about The News editorial board’s misguided opinions and facts regarding teachers, public schools and Common Core.

An April 16 editorial states teachers are driving the opt-out movement. What facts support that statement? Teachers working with Common Core know that it has been put in place without adequate implementation, but using a blanket statement that teachers are behind having students opt out is prejudicial.

A State Education Department spokesman is convinced “that opting out is protecting adults.” The editorial ran with that statement to blame teacher unions and teachers for wanting to avoid evaluations. Teachers have been evaluated every year and are not afraid of being evaluated fairly.

That same spokesman asks, “If there are no tests, how do we know what a child has learned?” Was it revealed that there are no results imparted to teachers on how their students fared? Teachers can’t help students if they never get any of the results. What, then, is the purpose of these tests?

Let’s put the blame where it belongs: Common Core has been pushed down the throats of public educators without thought to proper implementation, proper evaluation and to the detriment of those it says it is helping.

Let’s blame Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who holds schools hostage with money so he can advance his agenda.

Let’s blame the editorial board for being so biased in its one-sided views on public education and teachers.

Marge Milliron

West Seneca