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Letters for May 3

Preparing to put all the pieces in place

As bad as the Sabres were this year I would not change a lot for next year. I would try to resign Chris Stewart for a salary similar to this year, $4-5 million. I would try to pick up Johnny Oduya as a free agent for around $4 million a year, about a $1 million raise. Toronto is trying to dump salary. i.e. Phil Kessel. I would trade our lowest first-round pick for Kessel.

Our lines for next year:

Sam Reinhart with Evander Kane and Chris Stewart on wings. No one will touch Reinhart. Stewart would be a good mentor for Kane.

Jack Eichel with Marcus Foligno and Kessel on wings.

Larson with Tyler Ennis and Matt Moulson on wings.


Bogosian -R with Zadorov-L

Georges -L with Ristolainen -R

Weber -L with Pysyk - R -

Oduya-L -Ruhwedel -R extra defense McCabe.

Goalies -Lindbach



That would be a total of $69 million in salaries, which is at or below the current cap.

Greg Gonter


Edmonton’s luck pushes the limit

Well, another Draft Lottery has come and gone.

What a joke!!!

The NHL doesn’t want the last-place team to automatically receive the first pick and so on, but they see no problem letting the Edmonton Oilers “win” the first pick four out of the last six years.

What is wrong with this picture? Nobody is that lucky!

I am sure that I am not the only one who sees something wrong with this process.

We will still get a great player, but that is not the point. Changes need to be made where it is fair for everyone.

Susan Higgins

South Buffalo

Recognition for all would be appreciated

I am writing to congratulate the excellent spread in Saturday’s paper about the All-WNY high school basketball teams. I think that it is great to see the talents of Western New York’s young athletes celebrated on par with the talents of the area’s professional teams.

However, I feel that representation of the region’s other high school sports is sadly disproportionate to the coverage of the “big sports” such as football, basketball and soccer.

In my opinion, all high school athletes who receive regional accolades should have a chance to be featured prominently in the paper, or at least given slightly more equal recognition. Often times important accomplishments by athletes competing in such sports as swimming, cross-country, track and field, and tennis are overlooked in favor of play-by-play commentary articles about other sports.

On behalf of all Western New York high school athletes and as a high school cross-country runner who was named to the All-WNY team but only mentioned by name on the “Scoreboard” page, I ask for more equal representation of everyone’s accomplishments, because months of training and discipline in any sport deserves to be rewarded.

Maisy Webster

East Aurora

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