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Letter: Where is world outrage as Christians are slain?

Where is world outrage as Christians are slain?

In Paris last month, police stopped a terrorist attack on a Catholic Church. Last weekend, it was reported that Christians in Ethiopia were slaughtered for their faith. In Iraq, Christians are being beheaded and crucified. In Nigeria, Christian schoolchildren are being abducted and sold on the slave market or being sold to radical jihad soldiers. The country of Kenya is having its Christian churches destroyed by radicals. Many hundreds of thousands are leaving their homes and living in refugee camps.

When is our country going to respond? When are the other countries in Europe going to respond? According to recent statistics, 70 to 80 percent of the U.S. population is Christian. Where is the outrage from the Catholic bishops and priests? Where is the outrage from the Protestant leaders of this country? Where is the march on Washington to get our country’s leaders motivated to a military response to this evil that is going on? Is this country next?

We call Christians brothers and sisters. Do we really mean what we say, or are we going to stand and watch this genocide happen? In the eyes of Jesus, we all are his sons and daughters. God help us if we do nothing.

Frank Russo Sr.