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Friends come into our lives at the perfect moment. It’s all about the timing.

And sometimes those friends have four legs, soulful eyes and a cold nose.

I’m a dog lover. I grew up with dogs. We had our beloved beagle for 14 years. She was a bit on the chunky side. We kept urging my dad to stop giving her pretzels and ice cream, but to no avail. Those two were kindred spirits. They did everything together. Wherever my Dad was, “Star” wasn’t far behind. When my dad took our dog for a walk, he would end up carrying her half way home because she got winded due to her weight issue. My Dad, although slight in stature would be happy to oblige.

When my children would beg me to get a dog, although I love them, I would squelch the idea and say, “No, dogs are too much work. They’re dirty, they leave hair everywhere, and would scratch my floors! And I would have to find someone to watch it when we’re out of town.”

That was how I felt, until Maggie entered my life.

One day, there was a knock on my back door. It was my son holding this precious tail-wagging furry creature with soulful eyes. My son enthusiastically asked if we could keep her. I looked at the dog and it was as if she knew what my son was asking me. With those eyes fixed on mine and that tail wagging, my heart was won over instantly. But my mouth said, “We’ll see.”

My son was astonished that I didn’t again say no and said, “Really?” Later, after we adopted her, he said if he had known it would have been this easy, he would have brought a dog to the back door a long time ago.

I tell everyone that she was an angel sent to me. I was going through a difficult time in my life when Maggie entered into it. It was perfect timing.

They say dogs are very intuitive and have a sixth sense. Maggie confirmed that. She was not allowed on the furniture, nor was she a lap dog, but she risked being disciplined to comfort me and jumped up on my lap and licked many a tear away. She instinctively knew I needed love and comforting at those moments.

As we moved to a new neighborhood my son was determined for me to make new friends. He would come home and ask, “Did you meet anyone today”?

“Yes!” I would happily reply. “I met Lilly, Bailey, Max...”.

“Mother! Stop making furry friends and meet some humans,” he would say. Then he would question what the owners names were. Of course I didn’t know. What I did know was that my dog made me forget my troubles.

When I was going through some dark days, wouldn’t I get a call or text from someone to see how I was doing. When I was feeling very lonely and very “single,” didn’t I meet some wonderful single friends.

That’s the thing about friends, whether human or canine: They have perfect timing.