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What They Said: Transcript of Bills GM Doug Whaley & second-round pick Ronald Darby

Transcript of comments to the media made by Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley and second-round pick Ronald Darby, provided by the Buffalo Bills:

GM Doug Whaley

Q: Rex has said it, you have said it--you’re obviously taking the best guy, but having it be a cornerback must be a bonus.

A: Well three factors: one we said at the beginning of this thing that we were going to take the best player and he was the highest rated player on the board. Two, yes the fact that we can take a corner every year. And three, with the additions the other teams have made this draft in our division, we need to keep up with the arms race, but most importantly we think this guy is a heck of a football player.

Q: What kind of trade talks did you have over the past few days?

A: We had some talks and we got close but nothing came to fruition. So we were excited to move down. We are more excited to have [Ronald] Darby.

Q: What are the qualities of this kid that make him a good fit for this defense?

A: Physical, not only with the ball, against ball carriers, and as a press guy. Rex is a big press guy. His physical attributes--height, weight, and obviously blazing speed. The production wasn’t that high this year but he also wasn’t challenged that much this year. So we think this guy’s got an upside and the benefit of coming in and learning behind some quality corners is going to help this guy.

Q: As for what’s going on in the division are you talking specifics?

A: Absolutely and then again it’s, corners, you can never have too much. Unfortunately, the last two years with our corners we’ve had to deal with injury problems and getting another guy in there makes you feel secure with what Rex [Ryan] likes to do on the defensive side of the ball.

Q: Will [Ronald] Darby get any playing time with the three veterans?

A: We’ll see, like I’ve always said, bring competition in and competition brings out the best in everybody. It will hopefully elevate their play, elevate his play. And then you look at the depth factor and again, injury wise, you will always feel secure if you lose one of those guys.

Q: How big of gap was there between [Ronald] Darby and somebody else that has gone in that round?

A: Big enough that we didn’t have a debate.

CB Ronald Darby

Q: How excited are you to be a Buffalo Bill and coming to play for Rex Ryan?

A: It’s a blessing.  I couldn’t ask for much more.  I’m just ready to get out there, develop more as a player, show what I can do as a player, and just get better and make plays for the Bills.

Q: How much did you meet with the Bills throughout this process?  Have you met Rex at all?

A: The Combine I met with them and had a few words exchanged on Pro Day.  That’s about it, really.

Q: How much do you know about this team?

A: Growing up, I was a Redskins fan so not a lot to be honest, but I followed them a lot more once one of my good friends, EJ Manuel got drafted.  Also, Sammy Watkins came from the ACC that I know.

Q: Doug Whaley said that press coverage is big part of your game.  Why don’t you give us a sense of what can be expected of the way you play and if you can expound on that point…on your press coverage?

A: I’m going to bring, of course speed.  That’s one thing, but I’m going to be someone who just go out there and just compete and make sure my receiver don’t score on me, don’t make huge plays.  Someone that’s going to be out there to get turnovers and like you say, be up on the ball and press and if I have to be off, play off.  I know how to play off, so I’m just going to be that player.

Q: How much do you enjoy playing that man coverage?  That’s really something that Rex’s defenses have been known for at corner.

A: Yes.  It’s a pleasure, of course.  It’s just you and the guy so it’s will against will. You know I feel as though I know it, but I can run with anybody so it’s just after that, it’s all technique and just making sure I’m in the right positions and everything like that and just making a play on the ball.

Q: Doug Whaley mentioned that he felt like teams we’re kind of going away from you or teams were shying away from throwing at you this year.  Did you feel like that?  Did you think that teams were avoiding you this year?

A: Yes, of course. I wasn’t even targeted more than two, three times a game. It was really difficult to make as many plays as I wanted to and sometimes when the ball do get near me for the first time in a week or so, I get so anxious so I overthink things, but if I were weak or something like that, I’d be attacked a lot more.  I could do things right but like at some points I did feel as though I wasn’t getting enough action and things like that.  It got a little boring out there sometimes.

Q: How close are you to Jameis and have you talked to him since he was picked yesterday?

A: I’ve talked to him.  I’m real close friends with Jameis.  He’s probably one of my best friends.

Q: I don’t know if you’ve looked at the Bills’ schedule at all but Andrew Luck and Tom Brady are the first two guys up.  How ready do you feel you’ll be able to come in and compete right away with the level of competition you’re going to be up against?

A: Extremely ready.  I just want to come in, learn, get in where I fit in really.  Just go out there and compete.  I’m no big trash talker.  I’m not a guy to walk around, act like I’m the man and this and that.  I know my place and I know what’s expected of me or what need to be expected of me so I’m just ready to come in and compete.

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