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Movie preview: New ‘Avengers’ film sure to be a big hit

When it comes to Marvel’s Avengers there has never been anything quite like it. Each character can work marvelously together, no pun intended, in fighting the world’s most dangerous new threat or he/she can go solo in each of his/her unique adventures. It’s irrelevant who the center of attention is, because each addition to the Marvel Universe is more compelling than the last. Fighting inner demons, drumming up secrets from the mysterious past and saving the world is pretty much an everyday occurrence if you happen to be a member of this exclusive club. Whether it’s classic lines like, “Hulk smash!,” complex character personalities or action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat, the latest installment in this microcosm of entertainment, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” has it all.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated movies of all time, this latest blockbuster is primed to be a success for the ages. There is something special about it. Before its American release, the film already has reached the No. 1 ranking worldwide. It received positive reviews and seems ready to be the most successful, highest earning film in history.

“Age of Ultron” begins with Tony Stark, the intrepid, charismatic and sometimes cocky Iron Man, leading Thor, Bruce Banner, Agent Romanov, Captain America and Hawkeye to a Hydra outpost. Here malevolent experiments have been conducted on humans using the scepter Loki wielded so formidably. In raiding the outpost the team takes the staff but encounters resistance. During the mission, the Avengers meet two new enemies: twins Pietro (“Quicksilver”), who has super human speed, and Wanda (“The Scarlet Witch”) Maximoff, who can manipulate the minds of others and throw energy blasts.

Stark and Banner utilize artificial intelligence found within Loki’s scepter to secretly complete a worldwide defense program know as Ultron. Upon completion, the sentient, omnipresent Ultron concludes, based on present circumstances and its own calculations, the human race must be annihilated in order to save the Earth.

In disturbingly spectacular fashion, Ultron attacks the Avengers at their headquarters and makes off with the scepter. Then Ultron recruits the Maximoff twins in an effort to accelerate his plan to eradicate the human race. The program that was engineered to protect humanity has now become its most sinister threat.

With fresh victory and new pawns, Ultron retreats to the original Hydra base. In order to gather resources for his next calculated strike and to build a drone army with which to conquer the world, Ultron waits for the opportune moment to strike. Meanwhile, the Maximoff twins head to South Africa to acquire a rare element known as Vibranium, the same substance of which Captain America’s indispensable shield is made.

Naturally, the Avengers intervene. A battle of epic proportions ensues. Wanda proves to be a formidable foe as she conjures haunting images and hallucinations within team members’ minds. As a result, the Hulk goes haywire. It seems he may have switched sides without realizing it.

Enter Veronica, the 44th rendition of Stark’s “Iron Man.” Also known as the “Hulk Buster,” this suit is uniquely adapted to counter the strengths and weaknesses of the Hulk. The clash between Iron Man and Hulk could be one of the most outstanding action sequences in Marvel series to date. This scene should stand out as one of the many epic highlights from the movie.

Following the debacle in South Africa, the squad is forced to go into hiding. Backlash from the incidents is worldwide and for a time doubt creeps into the back of the minds of many of the characters. Nick Fury, leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, arrives. He encourages the team and facilitates a plan of action, pushing for a consolidated effort to overcome Ultron.

While the Avengers set off to complete their plans, Ultron also has something in store. In trying to obtain the perfect physical form, he forces Banner’s friend, Dr. Helen Cho, to use her synthetic tissue technology, in conjunction with Loki’s scepter, to create the ultimate body. While Ultron begins uploading his being into the new form, Wanda uncovers the crux of what Ultron is after. The superheroes wind up battling Ultron’s massive army.

When it comes to action-packed scenes and thrilling plot twists, hardly anything can compare to the Avengers. The latest installment in Marvel’s string of blockbuster successes is sure to be just that, a roaring triumph. In all aspects of creation, from CGI to stunts to superbly timed character interaction, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will be outstanding.

It opens Thursday in area theaters.

Landin Murphy is a senior at St. Mary’s High School.