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Letter: Stop turbine project along Lake Ontario

Stop turbine project along Lake Ontario

Attention, Lake Ontario property owners, area families, visitors and wildlife lovers: There is a huge wind turbine project in the works in the towns of Somerset and Yates. Get involved! Picture 67 turbines almost 600 feet tall (higher than the Washington Monument), with blade spans the length of a 747 jet, within a 1.5-mile distance of the lake.

I am opposed to this project, as are many, for these reasons: environmental (noise, shadow flicker effect, construction issues on roads); wildlife issues (blade kills, disruption of migratory birds, raptors); and negative human health effects caused by noise, infrasound, shadow flicker and flashing lights at night. Plus, there are proven lower property values (Google “Wolf Island wind farm” to read much more). Go to the hearings, understand the facts and make the decision to join the fight to stop this from changing our serene lake shore area. Go to for more info.

Deborah Arlington