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Letter: Hamburg residents need to nix school tax increase

Hamburg residents need to nix school tax increase

What ever happened to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pledge that local school taxes would be held to a yearly increases of about 2 percent plus “extras”? I guess there must have been an invisible ink clause in the pledge and resulting law that says the Hamburg Central School District is exempt from that provision and that a 15 percent compound increase over the past three years would be just fine. I read in The News that this year’s budget increase will be over 6 percent. That is not out of line with the recent past in Hamburg.

So, what is the chance that sanity will prevail when the budget vote is held in May? Not a chance. On budget vote day, the school district celebrates the day by seeing to it that multiple sporting events, concerts and expositions take place at the Hamburg High School voting location, replete with a concert intermission with exhortations to “just walk down the hallway and vote for the budget.”

I understand that the cost of everything related to the school system is going up, but the increases in Hamburg’s school tax have far outstripped both the Hamburg taxpayers’ ability to pay and the almost nonexistent rate of general inflation in the United States. So my exhortation to Hamburg citizens is to vote on school budget day in May and make your voice heard. Complaining after the fact is worthless.

Joe Cuddihy