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Letter: E-cigarettes have helped many smokers kick habit

E-cigarettes have helped many smokers kick habit

A recent News editorial urging the Food and Drug Administration to put more regulations on e-cigarettes is misguided, in my opinion. I am not in this business, but I have gotten off cigarettes recently, thanks to this product. The fact that more teens are using these devices with a corresponding decline in smoking should be celebrated, not condemned.

Trying a different flavor was the kick-start to my quitting smoking after 50 years. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars I’ve saved.

Of course e-cigarettes should be kept from minors but teens will find a way to do whatever they want. Don’t regulate what you don’t know. If aspirin, a true miracle drug, were invented today, it would never be approved due to the side effects for some.

Alan R. Bojarski

North Tonawanda