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Letter: Buffalo has already tried an appointed School Board

Buffalo has already tried an appointed School Board

Crystal Peoples-Stokes and Byron W. Brown have proposed that the Buffalo School Board be changed from an elected to a mayoral-appointed board.

I remind our honorable assemblywoman and mayor that prior to 1974, Buffalo did indeed have an appointed board and it was changed to one elected by popular vote to remove it from political influence. The polling date was even set for May rather than November to further depoliticize it. As a retired Buffalo teacher, I recall that this was the era of the late Superintendent Joseph Manch and late Mayor Stanley Makowski.

I think that the logic of 40 years ago still applies – six district and three members at large to be chosen by the citizens of Buffalo to truly best represent parental and student interests. If the populace is disappointed with the behavior or agenda of members of the present board, they should be voted out of office at election time. If their actions are deemed to require more timely termination, the state education commissioner can be petitioned for their prompt removal.

Peter P. Schifferli