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Letter: Buffalo did a lousy job with leaf pickup last fall

Buffalo did a lousy job with leaf pickup last fall

Well, the snow has finally disappeared but with that comes the visual evidence of a haphazard job of leaf pickup by the City of Buffalo last fall. Many homes still had piles of matted, mucky leaves in the street and at curbsides in front of them.

For some indiscernible reason, the city did not take advantage of the many days with no snow cover to come and pick up the leaves. Even after the asphalt plants were closed for the year and street repair was winding down, there was little or no leaf pickup. On our long block, the power shovels and dump trucks only showed up a couple of times, cleaned up in front of a few homes and abruptly left. A phone call to the city produced no results.

With the leaves piling up and clogging storm drains, homeowners resorted to removing the leaves themselves to avoid water backups in the street. Of course then when we got a good snowfall and the plows came, they threw the mucky piles onto the rights of way and sidewalks, creating a big ugly mess that was cleaned up by whom? The homeowners of course!

And now that the snow is gone, there has been no sign of any street cleaning efforts. The homeowners are left to their own cleanup, which I recently did, producing three large contractor-size trash bags full of debris.

Unfortunately this has been the trend for the last few years, with last year being the worst. One would certainly hope for much better city performance in the future.

Ted Czajkowski