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Letter: Officials dash hopes for a visionary bridge

Officials dash hopes for a visionary bridge

Driving by this maligned mess virtually every day, akin to a colander of al dente spaghetti having just been spilled all over the kitchen floor, I offer this reflection. I find it mind-boggling that the state of New York can allocate $4.5 billion for a visionary Tappan Zee Bridge, but for our Peace Bridge, designed and built with a 1927 lens, approximately $60 million has been scraped together to jerry-rig it into the 21st century.

And I am sure that every bit of the patchwork motif that is being used in effecting these “upgrades” will be evident and bear witness well into the 22nd century just how shortsighted and cheap our area’s “progressives” and “visionaries” truly are.

Lou Marconi