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Letter: Nurses are a treasure in your hour of need

Nurses are a treasure in your hour of need

Those of us who are nurses know this experience well – people know who we are. Something about us causes folks to seek us out: in the grocery aisle, at the library, during exercise class or the church banquet. The capacity to explain complicated medical information is something that everyone values about nurses. The confidence that people have in the technical skills of nurses is remarkable. More importantly, the ability that nurses have to discern the worry and apprehension that folks can’t quite get into words is a great gift when they are feeling vulnerable and isolated.

I graduated from nursing school in 1976 and have worked full time ever since. I have been a critical care nurse, a school nurse, a trauma nurse, a clinic nurse, a teacher and a nurse manager. Now I am the CEO of Hospice Buffalo, a nonprofit organization that serves people who are seriously ill and families who are bereaved.

I have never been bored or dissatisfied with my work and I encourage every young person I meet to consider nursing as a career. In the times when unemployment is a worry, I can still hear my mother encouraging me to be a nurse: You’ll never be out of a job. She was right!

At Hospice Buffalo, I work with some of the finest nurses I have ever met. Their compassion and humanity are coupled with extraordinary clinical skill and competence. You can feel comforted that, when the time comes and you need special care to help make the time near the end of your life dignified and meaningful, you’ll have access to the amazing nurses at Hospice Buffalo. They will stand by you and your family by bringing calm to chaos and light to the dark. They are a community treasure.

I’m so proud of them all. May 6-12 is National Nurses Week. Give your favorite nurse a hug, a smile, an encouraging word. And say a little prayer that great nurses will always be nearby for you and your family.

Patricia Ahern, RN, MBA, FACHE