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Letter: Addressing climate change is our most urgent priority

Addressing climate change is our most urgent priority

The other day, I attended a presentation of geothermal heating. I asked the students there if they knew that, during World War II, the production of automobiles was eliminated to allow capacity to build tanks, bombers, guns and all other items needed to participate in a conflict that, if lost, could end our lives as we knew it. It was a time when the whole country put in all our energy to finally win that war. I got the impression that the students did not know this.

Well, today our conflict may be different but the outcome could be worse. We are faced with conditions that could change the world as we have known it. We have given this enemy a name: climate change. In not too long a time, it will have the capacity to cause a devastation not just to humans but to just about all life on earth.

That is why we should spend all efforts as we did during World War II to move in as few years as possible to renewable energy and drastically minimize the use of all fossil fuels. The enemy is our own ignorance and inaction. To lose this “war” is a lot worse than losing World War II.

David F. Baker