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Front page April 29, 1915: 'Blind boy shows sixth sense in tests before doctors'

Among the local stories on the day's front page:

"Blind boy shows sixth sense in tests before doctors"

"A boy born blind, now a student at the state school for the blind at Batavia, demonstrated this noon before 1500 physicians, his ability to locate objects at a distance of from five to 155 feet without actually touching them. This is called 'sixth sense' among the experts.

"A target two feet square was hung on a standard on the lawn in front of the 65th Regiment armory. The blind boy was taken about five roads away and told to find it. He started out on the lawn. After walking around with his head bent slightly forward he finally pointed directly at it a distance of 14 feet. The trial was repeated but without such good success for it was not until he was within four feet of the target that its presence was 'felt.' "

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April 29 1915

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