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April 29, 1980: Buffalo Savings Bank 'believes in Buffalo'

Thirty-five years ago, Buffalo was a city down on itself. Industry was drying up. People were leaving en masse. A billboard said, “The last one leaving Buffalo, turn out the light.” People wondered whether it would be their hand on that switch.

Several “feel-good” campaigns meant to rile up our Buffalo spirit started around this time.  “Talking Proud” was the famous campaign started by the Chamber of Commerce.

Buffalo Savings Bank, which obviously had Buffalo right in its name and whose gold-domed headquarters remains an iconic symbol on downtown, created its own campaign.

If you were one of the few who was looking for the best in Buffalo, maybe next to your Talking Proud bumper stickers and lapel pins, you had a Buffalo Savings Bank “I’m a believer!” pin and sticker as well.

28 apr 1980 buffalo savings believe

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