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Letter: Workers’ pay should be based on performance

Workers’ pay should be based on performance

It has been said that many low-wage workers are not teenagers earning extra spending money, but the main breadwinners of the family, some even with college degrees. However, what is largely overlooked is that those of us responsible for paying the bills and putting food on the table most likely work harder and stay at our jobs longer than your average teenager.

Some of us started our jobs making slightly over the minimum, worked hard and were rewarded with a raise. Yet the increase of the minimum wage during the past two years left many of us feeling not as if we got perhaps a 25-cent pay increase, but that we were actually demoted to earning the bare minimum, making the same as new hires and those who don’t put forth as much effort. We ask for a raise and hear: “The state is giving you your raise.”

I’m a college-educated, dedicated, loyal employee, holding an occasional supervisor position, yet I’m making the same hourly wage as my 17-year-old daughter who hasn’t even finished high school yet. It seems that a continued increase of the minimum wage undermines those of us who were once motivated by the notion that hard work pays off.

My opinion is that it would be more beneficial to employees, employers and the economy if all the energies spent concerning the minimum wage were instead directed at encouraging employers to give monetary rewards to their employees based on performance and loyalty.

Lauren Copley