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Letter: State should deny aid to schools that opt out

State should deny aid to schools that opt out

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has allowed the Common Core fiasco far too long. He issued the directive, but some school districts are not instituting it because they have many rebellious activist parents who are causing problems.

The best way to address this problem is to withhold all state aid to all districts that do not mandate students take the test. Faculties are just as responsible for allowing students to dictate they do not want to take the tests.

A reason teachers are upset is because the scores will prove they are not doing a good job, and this would affect their tenures, which to me is a golden parachute for mediocrity.

The Kenmore-Tonawanda School Board made the right decision in not abolishing the tests. It knows that without state and federal aid, taxpayers could not afford the school system and all faculty would be out of employment.

Education in this country is above all other countries and we can’t afford to fall behind because of activist parents. If teachers want respect from students, they should respect authority directives and mandate all students take the Common Core tests.

Lawrence Nieciepozeski