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Letter: Start-Up NY opening economic opportunity

Start-Up NY opening economic opportunity

One hundred ten companies, more than 3,100 new jobs and over $186 million being invested into our communities. That is a success by any measure and those new companies and jobs are going to exist because of Start-Up NY.

These are high-paying innovation-led industries, like biotech, engineering and manufacturing, and they’re moving into communities that have witnessed decades of downturns. I’ve lived in Western New York for many years and have witnessed firsthand the economic news that kept getting worse until Gov. Andrew Cuomo turned things around with a bold, new vision that supports economic development for the long term.

Start-Up NY is an integral part of this vision. One of the program’s greatest features is its partnership between businesses and academia, encouraging businesses to take advantage of the research and development, academic programming and job-training initiatives on campuses while ushering in new economic opportunities.

Beyond the program’s unique benefits, Start-Up NY is also a symbol of the state’s commitment to reinvent how we do business and it has encouraged many types of businesses to take a second look at New York State. Even though innovation of this scale isn’t easy to achieve, after only a year Start-Up NY progressed from an idea to active execution, delivering commitments to create almost 3,150 good-paying jobs across the state. After years of economic stagnation, Start-Up NY is laying the foundation for future growth that is well-founded and solid – built to last.

It takes time to expand or start up a business. It’s very easy to say that a program in its early stages isn’t working fast enough. The fact is that because of Start-Up NY, companies from across the country and around the world are now coming to New York to create thousands of jobs and invest hundreds of millions of dollars.

That’s impressive. That’s improvement. That’s success.

Howard Zemsky

President and CEO, Empire State Development; Commissioner, New York State Department of Economic Development