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Letter: Funeral home industry has seen many changes

Funeral home industry has seen many changes

I would like to comment on the well-written article in the April 19 News titled: “Cultural changes hitting black funeral homes.” One important item was not mentioned, which has affected all funeral homes.

I have served the community as a funeral director for over 65 years. During those years, I’ve experienced many changes in our field. When I began there were Protestant, Catholic and Jewish funeral homes. The Italians, Polish, German, Irish, etc., usually were served by a funeral director and funeral home of the same ethnic background.

Since World War II, the use of funeral homes rather than family residences became the new trend. The present cultural changes affecting black funeral homes are just another one of the many changes that our industry is experiencing to date.

I find that the black funeral directors I know are very compassionate and professional. The change that is affecting them is no different now than it was years ago when certain ethnic groups started to use funeral homes that were different than their ethnic backgrounds.

Anthony P. Amigone Sr.

Chairman, Amigone Funeral Home

Past President, NYS Funeral Directors