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Letter: Criminals don’t deserve to receive state pension

Criminals don’t deserve to receive state pension

I am elated to hear that a bill has been passed to prevent elected officials who commit felonies from collecting their pensions with the New York State Retirement System.

I have been suggesting this for a long time, since I have been denied my husband’s pension since 2007. There have been so many elected officials over the past eight years who have been kicked out of office, but they were able to keep their pensions even though they committed a crime. My husband never committed a crime, yet I have been denied the right to receive his pension for the past eight years.

This, hopefully, should stop a lot of the corruption in Albany, and hopefully give pensions to individuals like myself. This law is long overdue and I am so pleased that someone finally had the guts to want to put it in motion.

Janis Middlebrooks