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Letter: UB athletic logo gives short shrift to Buffalo

UB athletic logo gives short shrift to Buffalo

The News reports that a $314,000 study is underway regarding the “branding” of the University at Buffalo. The article states that “Neither the university name nor its logo will change.”

However, that claim seems to be contradicted by the controversial change of UB’s athletic team logos by Athletic Director Danny White. He has already caused the huge words “NEW YORK” to be plastered on the UB Stadium field and Alumni Arena court, as well as on the chests of the football and basketball teams, all to the detriment of a miniscule reference to “Buffalo.”

My wish is that the new study recommends that the branding emphasis be placed on the strong points of the university and not on some sycophantic allusion to “New York.” In fact, since the official name of the university is the State University of New York at Buffalo, I suggest that its name be “rebranded” as it was when it was founded in 1846 by President Millard Fillmore: the University of Buffalo.

Angelo F. Coniglio